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The late Bill Lewis, master story teller and prolific letter writer

Jean Lewis stands by “Black & Red,” her husband’s RMB, at the Briggs Cunningham Auto Museum, Costa Mesa, California, in 1974, thirteen years before it closed forever. Click on the photo and it will enlarge.
Below this text are links to three successive pages of a letter the late Bill Lewis wrote to Maureen and Ken Hodge, an Aussie couples with whom he and Jean toured Australia, as described in our article about Bill dated yesterday. Click on each page, from left to right, and you can read the letter in its entirety from images of pages just as the Hodges received them in 1982. Note that Bill often chose spellings of words not listed in dictionaries. We hope to publish others of Bill’s letters as they come to us.Bill Lewis Letter(1)Bill Lewis Letter(2)Bill Lewis Letter(3)You may need Adobe Reader or other .pdf-reading software on your computer to view the letter.

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