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Mickey Shemin: the spiel goes on

(The camera pulls back on Irving, also known as Cottage 3. There are all styles of accommodation at Allenberry, from quaint to to modern. Be sure to ask for what you want when you book. If you want the cottage to grow – it grew on us – just click on it and it will. Mickey continues:)

On Sunday we’re going to go en masse to the historic and engaging town of Gettysburg, site of the Civil War battle. There is plenty to do and see, including battlefield tours. A feature of the weekend will be touring to and from the battlefield in our Rileys, on Sunday. There should be room for Riley-less attendees to “hitch” a ride with those that bring their cars. And for those whose interests run to all things antique, there will be an outdoor antique show in Gettysburg on Saturday, so a few may choose that. But Sunday will be “Riley Day” in Gettysburg, at least as far as we’re concerned, and a queue of cars will make its way the approximately 45 miles from Allenberry to Gettysburg.

Another thing to consider is the big Carlisle meet, which I believe is second only to Hershey; it will start on the Thursday following our event. Some of you may want to stick around for that, if you can spare the time. If you do, you’d be well-advised to book a room early as I’m told area hotels, motels and B&B’s start to fill up in late spring for Carlisle.

The package our hotel offers: $239 per person, 2 nights; that includes 2 breakfasts, 2 dinners and a theatre ticket (per person). So the cost for 2 people for 2 nights, 8 meals, 2 theatre tickets, would be $478. Single occupancy is $309; that includes 4 meals, 1 ticket. There are other options available for less; for instance, if one wants to skip the theatre or meals. Conversely, if one is staying elsewhere, you certainly may join us for dinner one or both nights. These are available separately, but we’re encouraging attendees to go to both dinners and the show (which is excellent, by the way.)

The Allenberry requests a $50 deposit per 2 night booking, which we believe is reasonable. It should be sent directly to the hotel at 1559 Boiling Spring Road, Boiling Springs, PA 17007. Send deposits to the attention of Leslie Sterner, 717 258-3211. (Editors Note: Mr. Shemin does not live in the world of bank plastic; the hotel will accept a credit card number, telephoned, to hold the room. Ms. Sterner’s email is; she is an adorable person and has worked at Allenberry almost four decades; her mother worked there too. Back to Mickey:)

Mention the dates September 24-26 and the Riley Motor Club when making reservations. By the way, they are offering a third night (Sunday) at a reduced rate $99 rate, which I believe will cover Sunday dinner and Monday breakfast. (Ed: Strongly recommended after Gettysburg.)

That’s it for now…don’t delay – make your reservations as early as possible.

Mickey’s letter was signed by both of us. Fraternally, by me, and Regards to all, by himself. My email is and his is

Both of us look forward to seeing as many of you as can make it to Allenberry. Please bring your Riley if you can.

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