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Yes, take another look at the gorgeous drophead

The camera has pulled back for yet another picture of the gorgeous drophead, taken in Nevada. You can see more of her, and she does not disappoint. Nor did the blonde lady, who was making “How To Marry a Millionaire” with Betty Grable and Lauren Bacall in 1953. Time is so finite. So we apologize for the quiet state of this website, but it is time for it to re-awaken to invite you to the latest North American Riley event. Many of you have already received invitations via the U.S. Mail. It will be in late September at Allenberry Resort in Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania. We will inspect each other’s cars, enjoy a theatrical evening, and tour the battlefield nearby at Gettysburg. No other marque of automobile will participate in this event. I am off tomorrow for three days to Pennsylvania to meet organizer Mickey Shemin and longtime drophead enthusiast Jim “Mac” McMahon to make advance arrangements and make sure that this club event is our best ever. The first Riley owners to book the Allenberry were Kay and Col. Doug Campbell, who organized the first modern era Riley events in the eastern U.S. at Lime Rock, Connecticut, in 2005 and 2006. This venue was Doug’s idea. I will report back with photos and further information in a few days. In the meantime, enjoy a second view of the gorgeous creatures with their tops down.

To make the picture grow, just click on Miss Monroe’s evening gown.

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