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The latest Riley in Amy’s growing stable

Amy Roedl Tulk of Downey, California, is moving up in the world. From right hand to left hand drive. From saloon to drophead. Since returning from the Riley event in Indianapolis Amy married Jim Tulk, who attended with her. A catalog of their cars may be viewed at http:/ at Member List & Photos. But it did not, when this was posted, include the absolute latest. After the death of longtime Riley Motor Club leader Varlie Gordon on May 15, 2009. Amy purchased Varlie’s louvered drophead from his sons. It is a car, as was its owner, deeply beloved to veteran club members. It is shown in front of Amy’s Spanish Colonial bungalow in Downey, California. Amy drove it there from Varlie’s place in Whittier. It is the first Riley in which your club president ever had the privilege of riding, driven a decade and a half ago by that most noble of drivers, Varlie, who was 94 when he died. When I spoke to him late in 2008 tracing down an earlier owner of Mac McMahon’s drophead, Varlie’s memory for club details was as sharp and coherent as ever. More about Varlie later.

As for the car, Amy said: Jim and I took it to Frisco’s in Long Beach for a car show Saturday night. It ran strong. What a pleasure to drive; no wonder they called it Magnificent Motoring. On the way home it reminded me so much of riding around in the Healey when I was a kid . . . the cool night air, my hair flying all around, the heat coming up from the floor to keep us warm . . . There was a fireworks show in Lakewood that we drove underneath . . . spectacular. I am so happy to have this car!

Amy and Jim are shown below among the carnivores at St. Elmo’s in Indianapolis. She’s just to the left of the famous first lady Judy Riley.

Vintage Riley automobiles are, of course, not really the property of their owners. We who maintain them know they own us. And so although Varlie’s car is now Amy’s it will remain Varlie’s forever. His glasses and cap were in the car when she bought it and she planned to keep them there.

If you would like a closer look at the car just click on it and it will enlarge.