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Riley RMB (no longer) requires TLC in Lincoln, Nebraska

For a long time there were three postwar Riley cars in Lincoln, Nebraska. Gus Peach’s RMF. Professor Ronald J. Bonstetter’s longtime meticulous RMB restoration project (at And the spiffy green and black 1951 RMB that since 1994 was the property of Professor (now emeritus) Roger Cognard of the English Department at Nebraska Weslyan, a Shakespearian scholar. It had been in Lincoln its entire running life. Samuel S. Simpson, III, owned it until his death in 1974, thereupon it passed to Samuel IV. At some point in the 70s subsequent owner Allen Greiss upgraded the steering wheel, replaced the vinyl hardtop, and added a set of cheesy fake ugly chromed exhaust manifolds. Dr. Cognard always meant to have them removed, but had not done so. The interior was in what British Riley fanciers prefer, perfect tattiness. Subsequent owers included a George Carpenter and the downtown jeweler Ted Thomas, who was a member of this club. Dr. Cognard was firm on price. Ten grand, no less.

This fine car was purchased by a British car enthusiast from Las Cruces, New Mexico, who planned to join our club. It will soon be transported from Dr. Cognard’s residence to that of its new owner.

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