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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Bob Grinsell sells twice-restored Cyril Geofrey Fanning RMF

(To enlarge any of these photos, please click on it.) This Riley RMF saloon, RMF10277, might well have been sold in 1953 or thereafter by the most New York blueblooded of British car dealerships on this side of the Atlantic, John S. Inskip, famous for its dealings in Rolls and Bentley. An attempt a decade […]

Darling hear my prayer, Cara Mia fair, I’ll be your love till the end of time

I have been lost in a wonderful book about Rileys. It is Alastair Thomas’s The Rebuilding of Cara Mia IIb, an AUTO biography, published by the author in the U.K. I first heard of it in an email from Jim Fletcher, who took over the International Affiliation of Riley Clubs almost a decade ago from […]