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Category Archives: Boiling Springs Sept 24-25-26

The event at Allenberry Resort, details from its originator

Behind this sign is a dwelling unit at Allenberry Resort. Herein Mickey Shemin, Mac McMahon, and yours truly rested from reconnoitering our fall event and plotted its schedule. I had been with Mac on the RM Club Irish Tour and he came to our club event in Indianapolis. But I only knew Mickey as a […]

Mickey Shemin: the spiel goes on

(The camera pulls back on Irving, also known as Cottage 3. There are all styles of accommodation at Allenberry, from quaint to to modern. Be sure to ask for what you want when you book. If you want the cottage to grow – it grew on us – just click on it and it will. […]

The drives around Allenberry & Gettysburg, sublimely beautiful

That’s Mickey Shemin on the left in the straw hat with the suede messenger bag over his shoulder, and Mac McMahon on the right peering into the same vintage Dodge. A large contingent of classic Dodge owners were visiting Gettysburg the sunny day we arrived to make arrangements for our Sunday at Gettysburg, the final […]

Yes, take another look at the gorgeous drophead

The camera has pulled back for yet another picture of the gorgeous drophead, taken in Nevada. You can see more of her, and she does not disappoint. Nor did the blonde lady, who was making “How To Marry a Millionaire” with Betty Grable and Lauren Bacall in 1953. Time is so finite. So we apologize […]