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Category Archives: Indianapolis Sept 19-20-21

More from Ken Nelson, his engine and the history of midwest meets

Regarding my engine rebuild, yes, please do include my email address in the newsletter ( I welcome all comments and thoughts about the rebuild process. I have done about eight or nine engine rebuilds over the past 45 years, but spread out as they are it is often a “relearning” process. I have concluded, however, […]

Red meat and Riley talk in Indianapolis

Lex, the impeccable waiter, asked this crowd of diners at St. Elmo Steakhouse whether any of them would be interested in fish and there was not a sound. Carnivores all, we talked Rileys at the downtown Indianapolis institution, founded just before Riley began distributing its Tri-Car, in 1902. From left to right, in the photo […]

Amy’s most recent love, a Riley RMB

Amy Roedl had been through tough times. A divorce, a fire in her house in Downey, California, and the things that go bump in the night with teenage kids. Everything is better now because she decided to splurge on this beautiful two-tone green and black Riley RMB. She bought it on eBay from Karen and […]

Rileys are easy to remember, impossible to forget

As the Riley Homecoming Tour made its way southward two years ago from the Bay Area toward Southern California, after Tom Cox, Tim Trevithick and Judy and Ian Hamer and their cars had left us, just two Riley dropheads remained, accompanied by support driver John Wood in his rented red Mustang; John would exit the […]

Join us as Rileys rally at Indianapolis

The Indiana British Car Union in its wisdom has selected Riley as marque of the year for its annual fall rally and show late this September. This will give Midwestern Riley owners their first major event. In recent years events have transpired at Lime Rock, Connecticut, Los Angeles, Palo Alto and Palos Verdes, California. This […]