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The late Bill Lewis, master story teller and prolific letter writer

Jean Lewis stands by “Black & Red,” her husband’s RMB, at the Briggs Cunningham Auto Museum, Costa Mesa, California, in 1974, thirteen years before it closed forever. Click on the photo and it will enlarge. Below this text are links to three successive pages of a letter the late Bill Lewis wrote to Maureen and […]

Bill Lewis, a tiny giant of the Riley world, dies March 15 in California

William J. Lewis, who with the late Varlie Gordon ran Riley Motor Club USA, through the seventies, eighties and into the nineties, died March 15 after a long battle with prostate cancer and the loneliness that settled over him after he lost his wife Jean to cancer. At one time Bill claimed to have founded […]

Rare, (missed) opportunity to see a 1959 Riley 2.6

I learned today from Gary Harvey of Hillsborough, New Hampshire, that he and his father, Phil, plan to participate in the Saturday portion of our Vermont meeting. I am more than familiar with their perfectly preserved 1959 Riley 2.6, one of only three Riley 2.6s in North America. I had the pleasure of riding in […]

From the well-preserved files in Eric Killorin’s garage

Place your cursor on the headline above. It will turn blue. Click on it to widen these photos. When I received the corpus of our almost moribund club in a cardboard box in a park in the San Fernando Valley at a small meeting of members in 2005, I knew almost nothing of our history. […]

Intrepid Don Milligan’s notes on New England highways

I have not seen Bobbie and Don Milligan since 2005 in Connecticut at Lime Rock at the first Riley event Kay and Doug Campbell put on at the request of Victor Riley himself. From my archive of Riley photos you will see the Milligans in a Lime Rock field next to their 1933 Riley Earl […]

Missing the Nelsons again; & in search of piston advice

I’ve not had the pleasure as yet of meeting Ken Nelson in person. He was set to attend our event in Indianapolis in 2008, but had to cancel at the last minute because of a sibling’s health situation. Our last minute planning of this year’s AMG cost us the attendance of many good members who […]

More from Ken Nelson, his engine and the history of midwest meets

Regarding my engine rebuild, yes, please do include my email address in the newsletter ( I welcome all comments and thoughts about the rebuild process. I have done about eight or nine engine rebuilds over the past 45 years, but spread out as they are it is often a “relearning” process. I have concluded, however, […]

Older drophead owners keep on coming

That’s Sandy Turner’s green drophead just over his shoulder. Sandy, kneeling, holds his hat in his hand. From his wheelchair, John Minatel, 96, smiles at the camera too. Earlier that day two weeks ago Sandy picked up John and took him to the Indiana British Car Union’s annual meet at Indianapolis, a tradition they share. […]

By the time it got to Phoenix

This Riley RMB had New Mexico plates on it and it was for sale at a swap meet in Fremont, Nebraska. Its owner had wanted to install an American truck engine in it. Brian Goldsmith bought it, got it running, but decided he was in over his head and sold it to Ron Bonnstetter, then […]

The latest Riley in Amy’s growing stable

Amy Roedl Tulk of Downey, California, is moving up in the world. From right hand to left hand drive. From saloon to drophead. Since returning from the Riley event in Indianapolis Amy married Jim Tulk, who attended with her. A catalog of their cars may be viewed at http:/ at Member List & Photos. But […]