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Category Archives: Postwar Riley cars for sale

Blue Beauty: Frank J. Lang 1951 Riley Drophead 61D7906 (was) for sale in Illinois

(To enlarge any of these photos, please click on it.) Frank J. Lang restored lots and lots of cars. American classics at first. Then his taste improved as he began restoring British cars. His masterpiece was this 1951 Riley RMD. He got the car to its present state a good many years ago, but he […]

Bob Grinsell sells twice-restored Cyril Geofrey Fanning RMF

(To enlarge any of these photos, please click on it.) This Riley RMF saloon, RMF10277, might well have been sold in 1953 or thereafter by the most New York blueblooded of British car dealerships on this side of the Atlantic, John S. Inskip, famous for its dealings in Rolls and Bentley. An attempt a decade […]

Riley RMB (no longer) requires TLC in Lincoln, Nebraska

For a long time there were three postwar Riley cars in Lincoln, Nebraska. Gus Peach’s RMF. Professor Ronald J. Bonstetter’s longtime meticulous RMB restoration project (at And the spiffy green and black 1951 RMB that since 1994 was the property of Professor (now emeritus) Roger Cognard of the English Department at Nebraska Weslyan, a […]

Let this strange Riley drophead adopt you

Note: substantial price reduction at bottom of this article. As the owner of a completely frame off-restored post war Riley drophead convertible, that version of the postwar Riley 2&½ liter saloon with a tonneau-bar-tensioned convertible top, I take a special pride in having taken care of a car that spent from 1979 to 1998 in […]

Complete this cafe society Riley RMA

In my wanderings around the west side of Los Angeles and the self-contained municipality of Beverly Hills, where I have kept an office since 1967, an occasional fellow driver will look not just with admiration at my gleaming 1951 Riley drophead convertible but with joyful recognition. “Is that a Riley?” is the unenviable question to […]