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The late Bill Lewis, master story teller and prolific letter writer

Jean Lewis stands by “Black & Red,” her husband’s RMB, at the Briggs Cunningham Auto Museum, Costa Mesa, California, in 1974, thirteen years before it closed forever. Click on the photo and it will enlarge. Below this text are links to three successive pages of a letter the late Bill Lewis wrote to Maureen and […]

Bill Lewis, a tiny giant of the Riley world, dies March 15 in California

William J. Lewis, who with the late Varlie Gordon ran Riley Motor Club USA, through the seventies, eighties and into the nineties, died March 15 after a long battle with prostate cancer and the loneliness that settled over him after he lost his wife Jean to cancer. At one time Bill claimed to have founded […]

Put Yourself in the Picture This Fall

One damp day last autumn in Weybridge, Vermont, in Eric Killorin’s incredible garage workshop the AGM attendees of The Riley Motor Club Of North America posed for their group photo. We were the lucky recipients of the warm hospitality of Betsey and Eric and their sons. In the memory and spirit of that occasion, let […]

What is the purpose of this club?

Notice the fine carriage-work, even if you cannot see all of it. Ample upholstery. Clean design. It was 1953 and the Riley drophead was in Las Vegas to pose with Miss Monroe, who was there to portray Pola Debevoise in “How to Marry a Millionaire.” Riley Motor Club USA was in its first year. The […]

This fall you could be in the picture

Mickey Shemin and John Riley traveled in late June to select a base hotel and plan our Annual General Meeting, scheduled for the weekend of September 30-October 2. Attending club members arrive on Friday, September 30 and will gather for drinks in the patio and dinner in the Founders Room at our base hotel, The […]

The latest Riley in Amy’s growing stable

Amy Roedl Tulk of Downey, California, is moving up in the world. From right hand to left hand drive. From saloon to drophead. Since returning from the Riley event in Indianapolis Amy married Jim Tulk, who attended with her. A catalog of their cars may be viewed at http:/ at Member List & Photos. But […]

Red meat and Riley talk in Indianapolis

Lex, the impeccable waiter, asked this crowd of diners at St. Elmo Steakhouse whether any of them would be interested in fish and there was not a sound. Carnivores all, we talked Rileys at the downtown Indianapolis institution, founded just before Riley began distributing its Tri-Car, in 1902. From left to right, in the photo […]

What a gorgeous Riley drophead!

Welcome to Magnificent Motoring, the online website of The Riley Motor Club Of North America. This site has undergone a thorough remodeling.  This is the first page of the second phase of its existence.  The Riley Motor Club Of North America is the successor to Riley Motor Club USA.   It supports owners and aficionados of […]